Over the years The Twelve has produced extensive materials in support of, and using the name, Stellar®, including three books and an iPhone and desktop app, Beautiful Unique. These are described below and are available on request.

Stellar® we call in our work in organisations Core Purpose because Core Purpose like Lean and Balanced Scorecard simply says what it does. Core Purpose is an open-source whole-system architecture that offers leaders a frame for the design of strategies that are both aligned with an enterprise's unique value-creation capability, and optimally adapted to our world of complexity. Core Purpose (Stellar®) is an instrument and process that is in successful use within many companies around the world, from the smallest start-up to major multi-nationals.

Books, Apps & Movies

Three books:

Beautiful Unique: the Traction Frame workbook is designed principally to accompany consultants, coaches and company leaders in their work with the Stellar® business frame. Although the concept of Stellar® is straightforward, the use of it demands application, experience and skill.  The Workbookis an important aid in that process. Solidly grounded in contemporary management science, it offers very significant and profound contributions to leaders’ understandings of uniqueness, capability, coherence, value and the value-stream. If you want to understand what a healthy business is and how to bring it to sustainable profitability, read this book.
Traction Strategy: the Creation of Unique Value is a companion-book to the Stellar Workbook. It covers the theoretical approach and rationale that lies behind the twelve Stellar domains of value-creation capability, giving a clear overview of why and how the Stellar business frame works coherently and creatively.

Sentience: Essays on Stellar and the Co-Creation of Unique Value is a compilation of self-contained writings on Stellar over the period 2009-2012, describing the ideas and various practices of Stellar as the authors’ understandings of Stellar developed. The essays lead on to the role of Stellar within the current environment of extreme competition and complexity, the emergence of sentient companies, and the leadership of shared purpose and process within co-creative stakeholder coherence.



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Beautiful Unique® is the name of –

  • an iPhone app, enabling you to compile your own Stellar




  • a desktop app, enabling you to compile your own Stellar, plus read Beautifuls of the Week, Stellars of prominent individuals currently in the news, plus the Hall of Fame, an archive of Stellars of famous individuals and companies.



  • an animation, designed to promote the iPhone and desktop apps


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