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From Silo to Whole


The whole-organisation company



• Within what is now a truly global market, unless a company’s product is uniquely differentiated it is unlikely to survive the ferocious competition. A whole-organisation company is one in which all stakeholders actively co-create to deliver differentiated uniqueness throughout every part of the product or service.
• To be coherently unique the product or service must have its uniqueness built into every part of it through constant co-creation at all levels, within and across all boundaries, silos, functions, departments and teams, and by all stakeholders at every step and stage of a connected value-stream.
• Silo companies can rarely achieve this precisely because their value-streams are designed to be fragmented within self-contained silos, and as such they are unable to adapt responsively to our present world of constant change. Silos were never designed for either change or co-creation.
• Whole-organisation companies attract sentient leaders who want to inspire co-creation throughout a value-stream that is wholly connected to unique purpose. One of the more shocking statistics records that on average only around 30% of employees feel engaged with their company’s strategic purpose, and a full 20% feel actively disengaged. The sentient company converges everyone’s actions around its strategic purpose of delivering unique customer experience for the optimal benefit of all stakeholders.


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