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Post-silo Leadership


How an organisation inspires its future

The story of how the Netherlands’ leading independent hosting solutions company transformed from silo-thinking to whole-behaviour, systemically connecting all stakeholders to its core purpose



To focus on common goals and to acknowledge that the whole is much more than the sum of its parts has resulted in the successful development of the whole of Internedservices. Whole-organisation transformation and innovation is only possible when all leaders and employees are seen by all stakeholders, including customers and business partners, to act according to the core purpose of the company, beginning with the board. And in the case of Internedservices both CEOs were indeed seen and experienced by everyone as two very different individuals yet acting as one, as an indivisible unit of intention and leadership. The very important point is that people eventually only follow other people, not models or trademarks. Both leaders set the example in consciously bringing their organisation further, and inspiring and building its future.


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