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Why The Twelve

What differentiates The Twelve from others is that we cocreate together with the people in the organisations we work with, the leaders to begin with. Facilitating them with our concepts to frame the organisation forward, we help executives to inspire their organisation’s future and empower them to move ahead, together with their stakeholders. We provide them with everything they need to unlock the organisation’s full potential, overcome barriers, make sound decisions, take actions and achieve progress together in every day work and in the long run.


How the whole becomes more
than the sum of its parts and thrives

We are all thinkers, designers and co-creators and work and continue to conceptualise in the tradition of Bernard Lievegoed, who developed a theory of human development as well as organisational development. Our framing empowers conscious development towards thriving both of the unique capability of people and organisation to give meaning. It is the people working with The Twelve’s forward framing in their organisation, who can make the whole organisation performance grow faster towards unique at peak than the sum of the individual/ team/ departmental performances ever will achieve.

Our purpose

The Twelve’s core purpose is to facilitate people and organisations to become what they are capable of becoming and to do what they are meant to be doing together; co-creating optimal value for customers and giving meaning for the benefit of all stakeholders, with a.o. income, profit and longevity as outcomes.