Our approach

Our integral concepts and methodology are intended to equip people and organizations with the right process frameworks to develop to the next level of conscious unique value co-creation and to be able to make progress themselves.

And to empower them to organize and lead organizational continuity and systemic and sustainable value creation in the current VUCA world.

Our integrated approach is scalable and is adapted to the customer and taking the issue at hand into account. It optionally includes one or more or all of the following integral concepts:

• Envision the Future™: for co-creating an inspiring organisational (or team) vision of future success.
• Value Frame®: for co-defining the organisation’s unique value-creation capability as at peak performance, identifying what it is capable of doing best (facilitated by Intent®, our proprietary software application).


• Iterance®: for iteratively co-creating and sustainably leading progress, transformation and innovation while navigating emergence, moving from generic to unique value-creation, from current performance to performance at best, and from managing and working in silos to co-creating and leading the whole organisation (or team) as one.


In cocreation with Acuity B.V. The Twelve B.V. developed The Value Frame® software Intent® to facilitate and strengthen the collaboration, transformation, innovation and acceleration of unique value creation around the organisation’s core purpose within every action.

If you would like to learn more about what we can do for you, or our integral concepts and methodology, we are happy to make an appointment with you → link to contact form