The problem

Leaders’ ambitions

All leaders want to move forward, leading their organisation into the future.

We all want to grow, become number one, be outstanding, double or triple return on investment, change the world, make a real difference, inspire new generations, give meaning and have impact, or just improve and be more successful.

Yet complexity, relentless change, digitization, fragmentation and new competition all combine to endlessly disrupt strategies and plans.

The demands of adaptation to a constantly shifting landscape undermine and sabotage all efforts to create stability, consistent direction and coherence.

Behind all of the many and varied client issues that The Twelve has engaged with over the last thirteen years, there has been the same core question – ‘how can we cohere together to be able to move forward as one?’

We are self-evidently living in a new world in which the old rules, constants, techniques and approaches no longer work. 

Einstein famously claimed that we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.  In other words, what got your organisation here will not get you there.  And the collective experience of businesses around the world surely bears that out.  Confusion about the way forward, about what kind of thinking and acting will work, is all around us.

So what might help you to engage fruitfully with this world?

And how can you all continuously improve together in order to solve the problems of today and engage successfully with the opportunities of tomorrow? How indeed can you as a leader challenge your people and your stakeholders to cohere within a constantly changing environment?