The short-term outcomes

Onwards and upwards!! – Progress towards peak purpose performance at full capabilty.











From pure ‘Silos’ to the organisation as ‘a Whole’; to the next level of integrated collaboration and value creation at full capability. With a focus on the future and what lies ahead. Consciously making a difference together and therefore making an impact, exactly as formulated in the core purpose.

Ánd all the necessary conditions for sustainable systemic value co-creation and progress in the medium and long term

Clarity – about what inspires the organisation’s future, what differentiates the organisation at core, and what its potential capability to create unique value is at best.
Direction – since the vision and mission have become clear and compelling – leaders and all others involved know where to go.
Traction – the new insights, perspectives and experience of coherence at core are so inspiring and attractive that they invite exponential growth of unique value-creation towards full capability.

Coherence and unity – with everyone cohering consentiently around the organisation’s core purpose of unique value creation and by doing that giving meaning, and the organisation moving forward as one, it is becoming more than the sum of its parts.

Empowerment – to take the right decisions justified in the course of the organisation’s evolution, to lead and co-create the organisation’s differentiation together sustainably into the future in times of complexity, disruption and change.

Acceleration –  in growing, innovating, and transforming due to the integrative power of the The Twelve’s process.

Joy, trust and safety – the discovery of sharing the same organisational intent despite all the differences between those involved. This experience leads to relief, connection and joy. It invites stakeholders to cross-functional and multidisciplinary collaboration. They focus on the bright side of doing business and on exploiting opportunities, overcoming problems … and on creating opportunities together.

Increased visibility and impact & increased return on investment & stakeholder connection and satisfaction & innovative products and services & increased brand awareness and popularity and the organisation & healthy business operations.