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Stagnation, obstructions, structural issues ánd ambitions. 

Behind the multitude of client questions that we The Twelve help with lies at heart the same core question: ‘How do we get on the same page again? ‘How do we connect and cohere together to be able to move forward as one, innovate and realise our ambitions in a landscape of constant change?’  

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Inspiring the future, strategic collaboration, the further development, transformation, evolution and innovation of boards, teams and organisations, the transition to strategic leadership of unique value creation and sustainable impact, boost performance, integrating multidisciplinary collaboration and qualitative dialogue, systemic, value creation true to the core purpose of the organization, generational change and succession, differentiation from competitors, hybrid working and connecting to digital technology, exponential growth or down-sizing from the core.

Generic examples of client questions are: 

How to organise board, team and organisational coherence and direction to be able to move forward and make a bigger difference, increase impact or sustainability, to perform better at a different level, grow or become number 1?
How to shift from managing the structure to leading corporate/ organisational, team and individual purpose.
How to successfully organise the succession of the organisation by helping both old and new generation leaders to clarify the core of the organisation’s unique value creation capability so that it will continued be led into the future.
How to inspire the organisation’s future and lead its transformation, evolution and innovation?
How to systemically develop towards peak purpose performance and unique value creation at best?
How to switch from silo-system thinking and behaviour to whole-system thinking and behaviour and act in the interest of all stakeholders?
How to co-create cross-function multi-disciplinary, and embracing diversity to boost the organisation’s performance?
How to engage employees and other stakeholders and co-create value together with them for customers (e.g. clients, patients, citizens, students those for whom the organisation does what is does, why it exists)?
How to define and measure the organisation’s or companies’ intangibles for annual reporting?

How to transform, make progress and become fit for dealing successfully with today’s challenges e.g. the consequences of digitisation, and those of the open system fast changing complex world we live in?

How to connect digital technology and strategy in such a way that in an era of abundance of information, the combination accelerates the process towards purpose performance at peak?

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