The Solution

Organise perspective, coherence and connection

Define future value at peak purpose performance

Design and lead the way forward and co-create the future 

Break through to next level integrated co-creation of sustainable value with a proven systemic approach for making progress……

The Twelve is specialised in the further development and sentient growth of people and organisations.                                                        

                     Inspired by the future and around the unique core purpose, we collaborate with leaders, boards and (management)teams, and facilitate organisations to their next level of sentient sustainable value co-creation for customers and stakeholders, in and with all the work.

With our approach consisting of coaching, consulting and a customized modular meta-process with deepening concepts, clients strengthen their capability to create value and give meaning systemically.                                                                                  We facilitate you as a leader(s), board, team(s) and organisation to further develop, make progress, get fit for the future and thrive as a whole in a constantly changing world.

Underlying the co-creation, coaching, consulting and teaching that we offer is one adaptable scalable process, empowering leaders, boards and teams to frame the way forward and make true progress together in a world of constant change.

Extensively tested and successfully implemented for over a decade, our process is experienced as innovative, raising consciousness and profound. It has multiple applications and is complementary to all existing management concepts, techniques and processes. Our approach is unique and ground-breaking, and is built solidly upon the shoulders of Bernard Lievegoed’s influential theories of personal and organisational development.

Our approach enables leaders, boards and teams to proactively organise their progress, and therefore realise their desired ambitions, whether about impact or growth.

Leaders and teams manage to do this by mapping both the desired success of the organisation and its unique value-creation capability at best. Consequently leading the organisation’s growth with it and contributing to the development of its unique capability in everyday work towards the future together.

Cohering around the organisation’s core purpose of co-creating unique value for customers enables all stakeholders to act as one and is the key to successfully move the organisation forward. Leaders, boards and teams become empowered to profitably organise continuity and consistence in the disruptive world we live in today.

Leaders, boards and teams are able to profitably organise continuity and consistency in business operations, work and (organisational) development in the disruptive world in which we live today.