About us

The Twelve B.V.

The Twelve is an international consultancy firm specialised in partnering the progress of leaders and organisations.

We have a substantial track record of guiding, facilitating and consulting leaders, boards and teams in their successful leadership of individual and organisational development, transformation and innovation. Founded in 2006 The Twelve has been working with leaders and their profit and non-profit organisations, small and large, young and mature within many different countries.

The Twelve’s core purpose is to facilitate people and organisations to become all that they are uniquely capable of becoming, and to do what they are meant to be doing together, which is the co-creation of optimal experiential customer value or in other words meaning, for the benefit of all stakeholders.

The Twelve refers to the archetypal number of oneness and completion that is found in many cultures throughout history.
To be able to see and experience the whole and work as one coherent organisation, we introduce an archetypal framework of twelve questions. The questions lead to the principles that underlie all creation of value, whether for an organisation, a company, a business unit, a team or even an individual. The principles are the expression of what at core keeps everything within an organism together and enables it to act as one.
Our company name carries our core interest, capability and expertise in consciously organising coherence at core and facilitating progress in the interest of all in a fast-changing world.


Kathelijne Drenth

Founder - director
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Richard Leachman

+44(0)1225 481 829

Jaap Drenth

Office manager
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Mavis Carrilho

Co-creative partner
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Danielle Beltran

Co-creative partner
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Rolien van Dijk

Co-creative partner
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Irina Mikhailava

Co-creative Partner
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Bauke Zeilstra

Co-creative Partner
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Aart Nijkamp

Co-creative partner
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Robbert Masselink

Co-creative partner
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Marjoleine Meijer

Co-creative partner
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Fred Zaal

Co-creative partner
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Luke Vincent

Co-creative Partner
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Ingela Svedin

Co-creative partner
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In large assignments, we train and work together with internal consultants and (international) senior consultants working for partner firms and who have been trained by us.

Max Verbong

Co-creative partner
+31(06) 222 32 644

Donald Lancaster

Co-creative partner

The co-creative partners of The Twelve

Magenta Thinking




Universiteit van Amsterdam

+31(0)6 28759774


The Twelve B.V. staat geregistreerd bij het CRKBO, het Centraal register van korte opleidingscursussen voor beroepsonderwijs.


Bij grote opdrachten werken we samen met interne adviseurs en (internationale) senior adviseurs van collega bureaus die door ons zijn opgeleid.


The Twelve B.V. is listed on the CRKBO, the Central Register of Short Educational & Vocational Training Courses, and we are therefore a recognised institution in terms of the European VAT Directive in terms of reclaiming VAT on our training courses.


Complaint regulation

The Twelve B.V. is committed to satisfy customers. If a customer is of the opinion that deficiencies occur during the execution of a project, this customer is requested to submit the complaint in writing, providing detailed arguments to the board of The Twelve B.V. within a maximum period of two weeks after termination of the contract. The Twelve B.V. will inform the complainant within four weeks of the receipt of his complaint.

A complaint will always be kept confidential. The Twelve B.V. will aim to solve the complaint within twelve weeks after its reception. Complaints will be registered and stored for a period of 3 years. If The Twelve B.V. needs more time the complainant will be informed before the twelve weeks are over, at the same time giving an indication of when the result can be expected. If the way the complaint is being dealt with is not to the satisfaction of the customer, the complaint may be submitted to mr. G. Van Voorst, the Complaint Ombudsman of The Twelve B.V. He is an independent mediator, appointed by The Twelve B.V., whose decision will be binding on The Twelve B.V. The Twelve will promptly deal with the consequences of the decision. Mr Van Voorst details are: mr. G. van Voorst, gmjr@vanvoorstadvocaten.nl, Graaf Aelbrechtlaan 120, The Netherlands. 003120 641 12 62

Data Protection: We formally notify you, that if you are receiving information from us it is, because your email address is in our database. This database is used only for communicating with connections and clients of The Twelve B.V. It is regularly updated. It is not stored on an online server. It is not made accessible under any circumstances to third parties.